angela sapp

Angela Sapp (Chair)
Angela Grant Sapp is a lifelong resident of the Springside neighborhood of District 2. She returns to the Commission for a third term after a three-year absence. During her earlier one and one-half terms, Angela served as Mayor Pro-Tem for two years and Mayor for one year.

Her leadership exemplifies a staunch belief that an elected official is not entitled to power and/or privileges; rather it is their duty to stand up and fight for the issues that are important to their constituents. Sapp is committed to being an active, accessible and accountable public servant to the citizens of the historic City of Quincy.
Sapp works collaboratively with governmental and private agencies to assist the City of Quincy in finding solutions to issues and challenges impacting its neighborhoods. She was instrumental in securing contracts to provide transportation for the elderly and underserved population around the city.  Sapp is working diligently to eradicate unsafe living conditions, increase police protection, provide resources to our schools, revitalize downtown, and improve infrastructure; while maintaining a fiscally responsible governing body.
Ms. Sapp earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Vocational Home Economics from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and a Master of Education Degree in Education Administration from Grand Canyon University. She has membership with The Florida League of Cities, Gadsden County Democratic Women Club, Florida A. & M. National Alumni Association, Florida Foundation for Future Scientists, and Zeta Phi Sorority, Inc.

Keith Dowdell

Keith Dowdell (Vice-Chair)
Keith A.Dowdell was born and raised in Quincy, and is a product of our community and public school system. He graduated from James A. Shanks High School in 1981 and attended Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, Alabama; transferring later to the University of Alabama, graduating in 1985 with a B.S. Degree in Mathematics/Computer Science. Commissioner Dowdell served 8 years in the United States Army, where he attained the rank of Captain. He has built a reputation for being a leader and has learned to build the types of coalitions needed to be an effective City Commissioner.

In 1996, Keith was elected as City Commissioner and has served two terms as Mayor in 1998 and 2003. He is the longest seated Commissioner on the Board of Commissioners and is known for being a working community activist for the past 16 years.

After leaving the military with an honorable discharge and wanting to give back to his community, he pursued a career in education in 1994, wherein he started his teaching career with Gadsden County public elementary schools (Havana Elementary, Middle (Carter-Parramore, and James A. Shanks), and an alternative school (Bridge Wood Academy). He later became Dean of Students at Havana Middle School. His administrative duties have directed him to James A. Shanks Middle School, East Gadsden High School and now West Gadsden High School as Assistant Principal of Discipline and Graduation Coach. In addition to his educational background, he started a second career in 2003 with Florida State Hospital working the night shift as a Behavioral Program Supervisor – and, of course, his third career as a City Commissioner.

The hallmark of his service is his championship of quality of life issues, include promoting a safe and secure city, preserving history and parks, affordable housing, and protecting the character of our residential neighborhoods, which is vital to the City of Quincy’s success.


Andy Gay

Andy Gay
Commissioner Gay was re-elected as District 4 Commissioner on April 27, 2010 and was sworn-in on April 30, 2010. Mr. Gay was elected Mayor by his fellow Commissioners in May 2008, and re-elected in May of 2009. He previously served as Mayor-Pro Tem for two years. He, with the support of his commissioners, has made a fiscally sound and accountable city government the hallmark of his two–year term as mayor. Assuming the leadership role of the city, Gay and the commission have turned a city with a structural financial deficit and pessimistic outlook for its future into a true renaissance. Quincy has experienced a bona fide renewal of its historic downtown and the continued improvement of the quality of life for all of the city residents. While Commissioner Gay was Mayor – the Commission successfully established collaborative partnerships with County Government, the business communities, Chamber of Commerce, and Gadsden County’s sister cities. These partnerships will help ensure strong economic development and growth for the future. Commissioner Gay was elected to the Quincy City Commission in April 2005 and has served two terms. Commissioner Gay serves on the Tourist Development Council, Gadsden Learns Board, Florida State University Alumni Association, and Tallahassee Community College Alumni Association.

Gerald Andrew Gay III (Andy) was born in Quincy, Florida, and was raised in the Holiday Heights neighborhood. He is a 3rd generation Quincy resident and a 6th generation Floridian. Gay is a graduate of Florida State University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Movement Science. Gay recently earned his Master’s degree in Teaching and Learning with a Specialization in Leadership from National University in La Jolla, California.

Daniel McMillan
Daniel McMillan

Daniel is a lifelong resident of Gadsden County. He graduated from Robert F. Munroe Day School in 1998, and earned a Bachelor Degree in Finance in 2002 from the University of Alabama. He is a member of Centenary United Methodist Church and the Quincy Rotary Club. Daniel is the President/Owner of Panhandle Process Service, Inc., a legal services company specializing in service of process.

Daniel was elected to represent the citizens of District 5 in April of 2014. He also serves as a board member for the Police & Firefighters Pension Board. Since joining the City Commission the City has undertaken a large financial turnaround of over 3.5 million dollars. The City has produced the last 2 Audits on time, which had not occurred in over 10 years.


Ronte Harris
Ronte Harris

Ronte Reshard Harris is a native of Quincy, Florida and is a 1998 graduate of James A. Shanks High School and a 2001 Graduate of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Ronte began a career in education with the Gadsden County School District in 2002. He is currently the Music Director at Gadsden County High School.

Ronte is a member of the Gadsden County Classroom Teachers’ Association, a local affiliate of the Florida Education Association. He was appointed to the Collective Bargaining Committee in 2004 and served as the Chair and Chief Negotiator from 2006-2008 and again in 2012. In September 2013 he was elected President of the Association. In this leadership capacity, he has been instrumental in securing several salary increases over his tenure, improving the working conditions for Gadsden County Teachers. Ronte is a member of the Florida Education Association Governance Board and Membership Development/ Internal Organizing Committee.

Ronte’s other professional affiliations include National Education Association and American Federation of Teachers. He is a past member of the National Association for Music Education, Florida Music Educators’ Association, and Florida Bandmasters Association.

Ronte is a member of the Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church in Quincy, Florida where he serves as Trustee and Director of Music. He is also a member of the FAMU National Alumni Association, Gadsden County Chapter and Gadsden County Chapter of the NAACP and a proud member of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., Tallahassee Alumni Chapter.

Ronte was elected to the City Commission in April 2018 to represent Quincy’s District 3. He ran on the idea that Quincy can be a place where its citizens can live a life with various opportunities for self and family-improvement and economic growth.

Ronte is the father of two children, Ryan Reshard and Harmony Reign


Advisory Board members:


Rob Nixon, Chair
Stacey Hannigon, Member
LaVerne Demous, Member
Doris Milton-Jackson, Member
Frieda Bass-Prieto, Member
Charles Morris, Member