Audit/Budget Information

Audit/Budget Information

In accordance with changes to legislation that govern Community Redevelopment Agencies in Florida, the Quincy CRA is ensuring that all information required for our annual audit is available for public review. Legislative changes to 163.387, F.S. require the QCRA to ensure that “within the scope of its annual audit that the QCRA receives a determination of compliance to Sections 163.387(6) and (7).” Additionally, the QCRA is required to ensure it:

-Publishes a digital map that depicts its geographic boundary
-Publishes audit reports to its web site by March 31st or within 45 days of completion
-Provides performance data, including starts, completion and estimated costs for CRA project
-Provides original and total assessed real property values from agency creation and January 1st of the reporting year
-Presents the total amount expended for Affordable Housing for low-to moderate income residents
-Submits a copy of the approved budget to the Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners
-Complete an annual report
-Procures all commodities and services under the City of Quincy’s Purchasing Policy.
-and, Summarizes its efficacy as relates to CRA Plan goals

The goal of the QCRA is to remove slum and blight from our targeted geographic district by providing economic development assistance, historic preservation, infrastructure improvement, community policing and recreation/youth opportunities. The QCRA is committed to accountability through responsible fiscal management, ethical operations and transparency.

Quincy CRA Approved 2023-24 Budget
CRA 2023-24 Adopted budget (1)

Quincy CRA Proposed Budget 2022-23
CRA Proposed Budget 2022-23

Quincy CRA 2020 Audit Report

QCRA Performance – FY2019 2020

Budget Resolution FY2019 2020

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Gadsden County Receipt of 2019 QCRA Budget